Wound Profiles
2015-2021, collage series

Rajkowska’s series Wound Profiles are unique hand-coloured collages of ballistics diagrams that demonstrate the impact that different types of bullet have on hitting the human body. Rajkowska created these in cooperation with the holders of Dr. Martin Fackler’s scientific legacy and IWBA files (the International Wound Ballistics Association), which allowed her to use the diagrams of wound ballistics.
Rajkowska used cut-outs from 50s newspapers found by chance between the walls in her Warsaw studio. Polish titles such as “Young Technician”, “Winged Poland”, “Theatre”, “Cross-Section” as well as magazines from communist Germany and Egypt created a fertile juxtaposition to ballistic experiments. The artist further embellished the profiles with diagrammatic, almost architectural extensions and segments of gold, abstracting their depiction of the human body even further, into the realm of aesthetic modernist beauty, as numbing and sedating as painkillers.


Winchester .30-30 170gr Silvertip at 2020 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm

Winchester .30-06 150gr Softpoint at 2923 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm

M80 7.62mm NATO Cartridge 149gr FMJ Boat Tailed Bullet at 2730 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm

M1 Carbine 110gr FMJ at 1878 f/s and M1 Carbine Rem 110gr JSP at 2030 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm

GI M1911 Ball 230gr FMJRN at 869 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm

Battle Rifle Cartridges; 20.6×14.6 cm

Assault Rifle Cartridges; 20.6×14.6 cm

.357 Glasser Safety Slug, 12ga. 27 Pellet #4 Buck at 1350 f/s; 20.6×14.6 cm