Avant-garde for Insects
2016-2022, Object, process, film 15'40''

Nowogród / 66p, Wrocław, Poland

Curator: Anna Mituś
Coordination: Gosia Sobolewska
Commissioned  and produced by: 66p



“Avant-garde for Insects” by Joanna Rajkowska is a dystopian etude in which main protagonists are wild bees living in the artist’s home garden. Their mating rituals were filmed in the scenery of an old dollhouse, which walls are decorated with a canon of works of modern art. The action is set in a world where there are no more people, and the traces of their presence reach other species like a mysterious letter in a bottle; the letter addressed to the bees was written during a pandemic year carrying the weight and wisdom of this experience. The film confronts the viewer with a fait accompli: “Perhaps you will survive the catastrophe we have prepared for ourselves – we will not.”