Born in Berlin

2012, Berlin

Commissioned by 7th Berlin Biennale
Curators: Artur Żmijewski, Joanna Warsza, Voina
Co-produced by: 7th Berlin Biennale and Żak | Branicka Foundation
Supported by: the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Project manager: Zdravka Bajović

Producer: Przemek Kondraciuk
Cinematography: Andrew Dixon, Sławomir Bergański, Joanna Rajkowska,
Editors: Lech Molski, Marcelina Górka, Joanna Rajkowska
Sound: Ernest Gaweł
Visual effects: Marzena Nehrebecka

Special thanks to: Artur Żmijewski for his care and attention and to everyone who helped us in bringing Rosa into this world, especially Zdravka Bajović and Andriana Angeli, the midwife. And, of course, Asia Żak and Monika Branicka for their motherly wings and coffee.
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