14th December 2023, Performance with Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman with support of Grupa Granica (The Border Group)


Text: Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman
Photos: Tomek Świerżewski

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people being severed from their lives, rights, families, and earth. We say to the Israeli regime and its accomplices: Do not uproot! End the genocide! Created after the Second Intifada, this palm makes visible centuries of anti-Jewish uprooting, severance, and mass murder in Polin, a part of earth many millions of Jews long and passionately called home, including our ancestors who lived in Warsaw, Sara Rothenstein and Rosa Stern. In the same act, the palm points to the contemporary conditions of life and death in Palestine/Israel, an extension and outsourcing of the festering wounds in Europe. The nation-state’s fundamental premise of depopulation, suicidal militarism, and racist borders must end! We scream with the survivors and families of the victims of the October 7th massacre:

In my name, I want no vengeance” – Michal Halev
We must break the cycle” – Maoz Inon
The only way is freedom and equality for everyone” – Noi Katsman
Do not uproot! Palestine will live!