The Light of the Lodge
2014 - 2022, associated works

Joanna Rajkowska, in her systematically expanded series of works, The Light of the Lodge, confronts the heritage of the European Enlightenment as the foundation of modern Europe, with its contradictions and myths, with the reality of simultaneously growing social, political and climate crises. In a series of works, The Light of the Lodge looks at one of the most fascinating movements of the 18th century – Freemasonry. The artist transfers its complicated symbolism and elaborate rituals to the sphere of art, analyzing them and conducting visual experiments.

2022, Apron, 25,3 cm x 34,8 cm, embroidery on paper

2022, Hourglass, 25,3 cm x 34,8 cm, embroidery on paper





2014, The Grand Lodge, collage on printed paper, 54 cm x 49 cm

2014, The Grand Architect, collage on printed paper, 54,5 cm x 33,5 cm

2022, The Eye of Providence, steel, wool, metal wire