The Light of The Lodge. solo exhibition at Charim Gallery, Vienna
16 May - 7 June 2014, solo exhibition at Charim Gallery, Vienna

Charim Gallery, Vienna, Austria

The Light of the Lodge asks questions about the place, role and heritage of Freemasonry in European culture. Charim Gallery, once the location of one of the most important lodges in the cultural life of Vienna in 18th century, now serves as a laboratory, wherein the artist performs a dissection of masonic rituals.

A reflection on the history of the gallery (where Mozart once played) in conjunction with critical observations of the Freemasons’ creed, produced a number of artworks that refer to this most secret and still very influential organization.

A carpet with a characteristic pattern but without ritual accessories, a procession of women in pointed hats surmounted by flames, and a Bible with an erased text are amongst the de-constructed situations and gestures that reflect on the political rationale of the organization and on the artist’s fascination with the refined culture it produced.

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