2013, Wystawa Joanny Rajkowskiej i Rémi Voche

La Station, Nice, France

For this exhibition, La Station chose to confront a photographic series by Joanna Rajkowska (Last Summer in Obersalzberg) and a selection of photographs by Rémi Voche, whose common motif seems to be the body conversing with nature.

The artists stage themselves in a fully animal attitude: naked, in direct connection with the environing flora, they seem to apprehend the world on their own scale. The title, L’Hallali (Halloo), refers us to some vulnerability: distressed, the body suffers, struggles, contortions, dominates then capitulates, just like that of the injured animal, surrounded by hunters announcing its near demise. Far from a media exposed and stereotyped image, Joanna Rajkowska and Rémi Voche pass on by their practice an idea of the world, a raw connection, sensitive to and certainly honest with things. Their photographic compositions, in which aesthetics and framing play an important role, would underlie an ontological narrative invoking a universal memory.

Both of them being performers and photographers, for this exhibition, Joanna Rajkowska and Rémi Voche present images seemingly alike. However, their dispositions and motives are very distant from each other: the former questions the perceptive changes undergone by art and its social function since the 1990′s in Eastern European countries; whereas the latter, following his encounters with his immediate environment, constructs an instinctive practice, or even incontrollable, around his own body. A visual meeting place between these two practices, L’Hallali is thus intended to be the starting point of a reflection problematizing image typology. How can two different practices generate images seemingly answering the same precepts, and why? Opening the field of reflection beyond the image of the body, L’Hallali poses the question of the artistic discourse or maybe, simply, of our capacity for criticism.