The Eagle
2022, relief, broken glass from candle holders

The Eagle is a project about the sense of injustice and disagreement with the practices of the nation state.
The Eagle is not an abstract symbol, it is a relief whose materiality can affect the human body. If someone gets too close to the work, they may injure themselves.

Despite its archetypal shape, the eagle is only an impression of the Polish heraldic eagle, almost an illusion, a three-dimensional sketch that is no longer recognizable from a certain angle. It is made from glass containers for grave candles which were found in an overflowing bin standing outside a cemetery. Each container was broken with a hammer and the pieces were carefully selected to create the illusion of an eagle shape. Its color range is quite limited – apart from completely transparent fragments, there are also those that have greenish, olive and opalescent shades. The eagle’s eye is a chip of black glass.

In 2022, there was a humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, which had begun a year earlier. People wanting to cross the border were dying of hunger, cold and exhaustion – victims of deportations, push-backs, gunshot wounds, attacks by dogs and spraying with pepper spray. The border fence and razor wire divided the area, dividing not only people but also ecosystems. The number of victims of the border crisis was rising. The press reported on burials, fresh graves, and bodies found in the forest. Since candles are a sign of memory and connection with the deceased, The Eagle was made of this glass.

The Eagle talks about the violence of representatives of the Polish state authorities against those who are not its citizens and who find themselves outside the system. Next to the SORRY project, The Eagle is a (small scale) anti-monument of these terrible times and inhuman practices.